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Monday - 14/03/2022 14:56
Operating a direct container shipping route specializing in Southeast Asia and Middle East routes from Ho Chi Minh Port. On January 19, 2022, at SP-ITC International Container Terminal, Global Logistics Services Co., Ltd (GLS Shipping) held a ceremony to welcome GFS Pearl to operate a specialized container shipping route from SP-ITC port. (HCMC) going to Southeast Asia and the Middle East has welcomed the first container ship to dock.
GFS is one of the 20 largest shipping lines in the world opening a maritime service route to Vietnam for the first time. GLS is a Vietnamese domestic container shipping company with a logistics chain system spanning the whole country, appointed as a trading partner and representative of operation in Vietnam for GFS.

The ceremony to welcome the GLS-GFS international freighter from Ho Chi Minh Port. The opening of the GLS/GFS container shipping route in Vietnam has a particularly important role and significance for the development of GLS's international routes in the South in particular and in the future to promote together with the region. North Central region in general. This is a special event, laying the foundation and marking the expansion and development of solutions for GLS's Logistics supply chain in 2022.


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