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2.2 Hectare Container Depot Owned by GLS Da Nang Branch Officially Put into Operation in March 2022

Friday - 18/03/2022 11:01
A. Outstanding Potential:
In 2022, Da Nang Port is determined to be one of the important factors contributing to making Da Nang City become the leading logistics center of the South Central region. In addition, Da Nang Port is preparing to build yards behind wharves number 4 and 5 at Tien Sa port, build a new CFS warehouse number 2, deploy and participate in the construction of Lien Chieu Port.

Grasping the internal resources and potential of the region, Global Logistics Services Co., Ltd (GLS Shipping) has just put into operation a container depot at Da Nang GLS branch in March 2022. GLS Da Nang container yard has an area. 2.2 Hectare area with capacity up to 2,400 Teus. Promises to meet the needs of container storage and preservation for shipping lines in Da Nang area. 
B. Convenient Location:
The location is located 5km east of GLS Da Nang office, 3.5km from Tien Sa port, 3.5km from Son Tra port, and 25km from industrial zones in Quang Nam, Da Nang. Especially, GLS Da Nang container yard is located right on the road from Tien Sa port to National Highway 1, National Highway 14B, convenient for transport vehicles to deliver and receive containers.
 GLS Da Nang Container Depot is located on National Highway 14B, Directly to Tien Sa and Son Tra Ports.
Concentrating Many Industrial Parks Within 25Km Radius
C. Modern facilities:
Tractors and Forklifts Equipped at GLS Da Nang Container Depot
GLS Da Nang container depot is invested with a large scale in terms of yard space and modern equipment system to serve the needs of customers and shipping lines:
  • 01 yard with an area = 12,000m2 for stacking scientific containers
  • 02 yards with area = 02 x 5,000m2 = 10,000m2
  • The closing and withdrawing area is more than 1,000 m2
  • 01 forklift, 02 shell forklifts with capacity of 18 moves/hour
  • 02 forklifts of 2.5-3.5 tons
  • Transport vehicle fleet with 20 new 100% newly invested tractors and a team of professional drivers (in addition, GLS Da Nang container yard is capable of mobilizing up to 80 trucks to operate 24/24)
  • A team of IICL-6 certified inspectors and a team of professional PTI - repair - cleaning workers.
  • The specialized repair service area has an area of ​​1,200 m2 with the capacity of repairing 20-50 containers/day and cleaning 200 containers/day.
  • The lighting system, modern surveillance camnera ensures security and safety at work.
  • Advanced warehouse management system, monitoring and updating the status of containers right at the entrance.
D. Professional Service, Available 24/7:
Services are being exploited and operated at GLS Da Nang container depot:
  • Delivery and storage of cargo containers - shells.
  • Multimodal transportation
  • Inland transport
  • Cargo packing service at the depot
  • Inspection - Repair - Cleaning of containers, PTI refrigerated containers…
GLS Da Nang's Scientific Stacking Container depot with an area of ​​​​12,000m2
With the advantage of location and service, GLS Da Nang is ready to cooperate with customers on warehouse leasing and other exploitation activities such as Transport, loading and unloading workers, lifting machines, closing and withdrawing goods, operation management, investment cooperation in the form of joint ventures and associations for business exploitation, meeting the needs of logistics, transportation and warehousing. Besides that, GLS Da Nang want to become a representative for market development in the areas of Da Nang, South Central, and Laos.

Contact Information:
Container Depot GLS Da Nang
Address: 96 Yet Kieu St, Tho Quang Ward, Son Tra District, Da Nang City, Viet Nam
Hotline: (84) 2363 825827 – Fax: (84) 2363 825 829
Representative: Mr. Dung (0903.513.368) 

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